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5 Tips to Re-Sexualize Your Life

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Re-Sexualize is a significant part of your daily life and your relationship.

It’s essential that you enjoy it. The conditioning on the body to be sexual and replicate is the most powerful on Earth. It is the second most powerful instinct on the planet next to that of survival. But, sexual desire may alter over time and can increase or decrease based upon life’s situations.

Do you worry about what is “normal” or “abnormal” sexual activity?

Do you wonder why or what causes the change in your sex drive?

Understandably every individual, and every couple, have another amount of want and need for sexual intimacy. In reaction to outside forces like stress and psychological experiences, sexual desire frequently change.


Here are five suggestions to re-sexualize yourself and improve your sex live:

1. Your Body is Energetic Snapshots Your Past Love Encounters

Have you noticed that when involved in certain intimate relationships, your self-esteem either rises or declines?

That is big because you energetically perceive the thoughts that the significant other features of you. These thoughts may be totally unrelated to who you are, but you start to resonate with this particular energy in your lively area.

Energetic snapshots of other peopleís thought-forms stuck in your body or space can obstruct our energy flow in a particular portion of your own body or energy field. They produce pockets of vulnerability and bring similar experiences. Other peoplesí perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs that remain in your body or energetic space and eventually create dis-ease.

2. Produce Room for Increased Sexual Expression

Is there’s saved up guilt in you about gender?

Is sex an important part of your life?

Does work or other activities overcrowd your schedule so that you don’t have enough time to express loving sexuality?

Send an intentional energetic message into your world that you plan to break this pattern. As you start to release the energetic charge from previous errors, healing and changes could occur.

3. You’re Born With Sex Appeal

Sexual energy is the life force energy in you. It’s at the very core of your energy bodies and how it functions. Since the whole universe is kept together by the energy of Love, when that energy properly flows in your body, you’re healthy and happy. Your whole body turns to a lighthouse, promoting good health and longevity.

4. Energetically Release Conflict, Anger and Negative

Unresolved battle or unexpressed anger can definitely put a damper on desire, as can negative emotions, feelings, or psychological upset. As you take around negative feelings about your partner, your level of attraction for this individual can wane dramatically, sometimes never to return.

5. Releasing Foreign Energy Time-Line Visualization

These thoughts or negativity can be affecting you now and you can begin to launch it by using the time-line visualization technique.

1. Imagine a timeline in front of you a timeline from birth to current age.

2. Produce a mark for every year of your life on the timeline.

3. Allow a dark spot to look on the timeline for every negative experience or to get other peoples’ thoughts you gathered and consumed.

4. Make an absorbing rose or another symbol at the start of the timeline.

5. Slide this absorbing symbol across the deadline allowing it to pull out all the dark stains of thoughts, negative encounters, and international energy from every year on the deadline. Let the symbol gets bigger and bigger as it consumes all of the dark spots on the timeline.

6. Whenever you’ve absorbed all the spots on the deadline and the symbol reaches the end proceed the emblem out in front of you and let it explode like fireworks. Exploding the emblem is a means of de-energizing these experiences and taking the power from these so they donít have the power within you. You donít have to understand what special notions or energy to discharge them.

7. Imagine a gold sun over your head filled with your vital energy.

8. Replenish your energy by bringing the golden sun into your body and space.

Energetically release battle, anger, and negative emotions to clean the path to renewed closeness with yourself and your spouse.

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