Size Queen 6 Inch - Pink SE0260052

Size Queen 6 Inch - Pink

$ 25.69
    For the Size Queen inside all of us, CalExotics is pleased to introduce one of their most delectable products: The 6-Inch Size Queen.

    With a firm, life-like feel, you won't be able to distinguish this from the real thing - and that's exactly the goal. Wth a realistic head and veins, a 6 inch (16.25cm) long shaft, and an overall length of 8 inches (20.25cm), the 6-Inch Size Queen delivers more than the name implies.

    Take it all in, from the flexible shaft to all of the life-like features. The sturdy suction-cup base will allow you endless hours of enjoyment while mounted to any non-porous surface. To make things even better? The 6-Inch Size Queen fits most harnesses.

    It flexes and bends to mimic its natural human counterparts. Exactly what your body was built for.

    Embrace the Size Queen in yourself and hop on board. It's going to be a fun ride.

    Firm, Life-Like Feel
    Extremely Flexible Design
    Sturdy Suction Cup Base
    Fits Most Harnesses
    Phthalate-Free TPR
    One Year Warranty

    Shaft: 6" x 1.5" (15.25cm x 3.75cm)
    Shaft Circumference: 5.25" (13.25cm)
    Scrotum Circumference: 9" (22.75cm)
    Overall: 8" (20.25cm)
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester



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