Jelique Intro Bundle

$ 1,230.00
Jelique Intro Bundle Includes:

6 Joy Buzzer, two of each flavor: Naked, Mojito Twist, and Watermleon
6 Honey Buns
6 Hiney Helper
6 Happy Gee
18 Mood Candles, three of each scent: F*ck Me, Smitten, Get Laid, Hot AF, Sex-a-licious, and Netflix & Chill
6 Dirty Dice
1 Tub of Nipple Nibblers Cool Tingle Balms
1 Tub of Nipple Nibblers Sour Pleasure Balm
2 Shelf Talkers
1 Jelique Catalog

Bonus Free Value Added Items:
3 Joy Buzzer, one of each flavor.
1 Honey Buns
1 Hiney Helper
1 Happy Gee
6 Mood Candles, one of each scent
1 Dirty Dice