Love Dolls

Sex dolls are also known as blow-up dolls. They offer the experience of touching a real man. These sex toys are almost life-size and have openings in every traditional place: mouth, vagina, and anus. This allows you to reach every orifice to your heart's content. Some models come with large egg vibrators that can increase stimulation and enhance your pleasure. Many dolls come with an adult DVD to help you bring your dreams to life. These love dolls are accessible to transport and store and can be deflated and inflated quickly. Your love doll can go with you wherever you go, and she'll always be available for sex whenever you are.COEDStore has love dolls to suit every taste: big-breasted bombshells, ethnic beauties, and sexy school girls. Bachelor parties are not complete without blow-up dolls. Love dolls also have a funny side.A sexy doll with sex is an excellent way for you to show your love or surprise your soon-to-be-married friend.

Blow Ups Stepdaughter Doll

$ 43.69

Blow Ups Stepdaughter Doll

$ 43.69

John Blow Up Doll - Travel Size

$ 18.69

Fuck Friends Love Doll - Tiffany

$ 191.69

Boy Toy Sex Doll

$ 47.69

Gia Darling Transsexual Love Doll

$ 105.69

Big Bust Babe Doll

$ 43.69

India Nubian Love Doll

$ 43.69

Gladiator Love Doll

$ 126.69