Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch - Plum WTC500879
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Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch - Plum

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    Inspired by the caress of a lovers fingers, the Air Touch Come Hither Rabbit surges in a come-hither motion to massage your G-Spot. This luxurious suction rabbit also combines sensual clitoral suction stimulation and 12 levels of vibration.
    Each function can be individually controlled or used simultaneously to heighten your arousal and orgasm. This Cloud 9 Pro Sensual series has three distinct functions including Come Hither Motion, Clitoral stimulation, and vibration in one device. This device includes an ergonomically curved form designed for exact G-Spot Stimulation. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold in place during use with your fingers as the device is inserted towards your body.

    Features: whisper-quiet vibration.
    Premium grade Silicone.
    12 controlled suction modes.
    Come Hither motion.
    Rechargeable battery.
    Body-safe Silicone.
    Splashproof. G-Spot curved form.
    Ergonomic handle shape.


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