SpareParts Joque Harness - Size B - Purple

SpareParts Joque Harness - Size B - Purple

$ 129.95

    <p>SpareParts Jockey style harness, the original <em>Joque</em>, is quite simply the most innovative product of its kind. Designed to be the ultimate in comfort and versatility, the <em>Joque</em> is crafted with multi-layered Nylon or Poly-Spandex and lined with soft, sensual mesh to provide breathability for blissful all-day wear. Created with flexibility in mind, the patented design easily adapts to your unique size and shape, becoming a virtual "second skin" to provide maximum pleasure for both the wearer and the receiver. Best of all, the unique, stretchable elastic O-ring fits a wide variety of dildos and attachments, including doubles, providing a full range of erotic options for you and your partner. NEW pouches above and below the O-rings allow the wearer to use waterproof bullets (not included) for additional stimulation. Enjoy packing? <em>Joque</em> is one of the best harness available for pack &amp; play enthusiasts! The <em>Joque</em> provides breathability, ideal for blissful all day wear. Created with high quality Nylon / Spandex, the <em>Joque</em> has unique wicking elements which draw moisture away from the body so it doesn't matter how much things heat up, you'll stay cool and fresh. It also doesn't snag! Want to play in the water? No problem! The <em>Joque</em> is ideal for the shower, bathtub or wherever your imagination takes you. When you're done playing, <em>Joque</em> can easily be hand- or machine-washed and is both sanitary and fully hygienic for greater health.</p><ul><li>Belt adjustable, measures 35-65"</li><li>Leg straps adjustable. Measures 14-24"</li><li>O Ring diameter 1.25 2"</li><li>O Ring circumference 3.92 6.28"</li></ul>

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester



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