SpareParts Tomboii Black/Red Nylon - XL

SpareParts Tomboii Black/Red Nylon - XL

$ 129.95

    <p>Bold attitude with an athletic cut, <em><a href="" target="_blank">Tomboi </a></em>and <em>Tomboii </em>harness briefs deliver a smooth shot of sex appeal and cut right to the chase: lets do this. Both versions slide on and off smoothly, without any chafing buckles, dangling straps, pinched skin, or other baggage to get in the way. To say they are thoughtfully designed is an understatement. Available in 2 fabric choices: nylon and rayon.</p><p><em>Tomboii </em>includes:</p><ul><li>3 pockets for bullets</li><li>2 holes for varied angles or double penetration</li><li>Internal packing strap for pack and play</li><li>Condom pouch</li></ul><h2>Sizes and Measurements</h2><ul><li>XS: 26"-28"</li><li>S: 29"-32"</li><li>M: 33"-37"</li><li>L: 38"-40"</li><li>XL: 41"-44"</li><li>2X: 45"-48"</li><li>3X: 49"-52"</li></ul><p>The following model numbers are related to this product via product options: A01069, A01070, A01071, A01072, A01073, A01074</p><p>Related Keywords: Tomboi 2, Tomboi II</p>

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester



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