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What’s the Average Penis Size?

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What’s your penis size?

Overview It’s a subject many men have wondered at any point in time of their penis size:

penis size

What is the average penis size?

According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.61 inches, while the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches.

Continue reading to find out more about penis size, how much size matters for sexual gratification, and exactly what you need to do if you are concerned that your penis is too small.

What does the research say?

The BJUI study used data from 17 studies, and the study participants totaled over 15,000 men. In addition to the averages recorded previously, the analysis charted sizes and put them into percentiles.

For example, an erect penis of 6.3 inches is at the 95th percentile. That means that out of 100 guys, only five would have a penis longer than 6.3 inches.

Similarly, an erect penis of 3.94 inches is at the 5th percentile, meaning that only five men out of 100 could have manhood shorter than 3.94 inches.

Other studies have produced similar outcomes.

The peak of your manhood is where it links into your pubic bone. The tip of your glans is that the round part at the end of your manhood. Compress any fat facing your pubic bone when measuring.

In addition, don’t include extra length associated with a foreskin.
Measure girth around the bottom of the Center of the rotating shaft.

penis size

Does size matter?

Of particular concern for some guys is whether their manhood is going to be satisfying sexually for themselves and their partner. Some men might also be anxious about how they appear naked.

When it comes to sexual intercourse, bigger may not always be better?

At a study in the journal PLOS OneTrusted Source, researchers surveyed 75 sexually active girls about the size of manhood they would prefer for a one-night stand and for a long-term connection.

The girls were revealed 33 different-sized 3-D penis versions made from blue plastic so as to not suggest a particular race.

The normal size preferred by the women in the study was an erect penis that is 6.4 inches long and 5 inches in circumference to get a one time encounter.

To get a long-term relationship, the average size favored by the women was a penis that’s 6.3 inches long with a circumference of 4.8 inches.

Both these options were only slightly larger than the average.

Another similar study of women’s preferences, published in BMC Women’s HealthTrusted Source, found that penis girth was more important to them than length for sexual satisfaction.

A guy’s perception of his own penis size could have an effect on confidence and a positive body image. Men that are self-conscious about the size of their penis, either in its flaccid or erect condition, may experience anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction and other psychological issues.

Therapists working with guys who have this kind of self-consciousness frequently find that a person’s perception of “too small” does not align with what research reveals.

Could I increase the size of my penis? The Journal of Urology study urged that only guys with a flaccid penis length of fewer than 1.6 inches or an erect penis of fewer than 3 inches should be regarded as candidates for penile-lengthening therapy.

Before pursuing your alternatives, you should find a psychological evaluation and talk to a therapist about your own concerns.

You and your therapist should address concerns like, “Do you have an unusually small penis or is it at or near the normal size?” And “Do you have an unrealistic understanding of your manhood or unrealistic ideas about what average-sized manhood is?”

You ought to try psychological counseling prior to any treatment.
If you’re considering treatment, you have a few options.

One type of surgical procedure is completed on the ligament that attaches your penis to the pubic bone inside your body. The surgery allows for more of your penis to extend outside your own body.

Surgery between a skin graft across the penis shaft to increase girth is also possible.
Some guys benefit from liposuction around their pubic bone to help make the segment of their manhood covered with a fat pad more prominent.

An inflatable penile prosthesis, that are surgically placed into the penis, are also effective in treating erectile dysfunction and for penis lengthening.

If you are interested in a procedure to make your manhood wider or more, check a physician who has lots of experience doing those processes. You should also be wary of online ads for tablets, creams, and other remedies that promise amazing results.

Outlookwhilst lots of men wonder if they’re at or close to the average penis size, or when they’re outside, the reality is that the majority of guys are within a close range of the ordinary length and girth. Measuring yourself might supply you with some affirmation.
Should you continue to believe that your penis is smaller than you would like, talk to a urologist about your concerns and what choices might be ideal for you.

Tips for a positive body image if you’re unhappy with your own body, whether it’s how big your manhood or the look of any other part of you, try these useful tips for feeling better about yourself:

Focus on the features and body components you want, such as broad shoulders along with a nice smile. Maintain a healthy weight and incorporate strength training into your exercise routine. Should you look fit and healthy, you might feel better on your own. Don’t become consumed by penis size.

You may be the satisfying sexual spouse, whatever the size of your manhood. You will develop an unhealthy and unrealistic image of what’s normal and how you should look. Lasting self-esteem comes from nonphysical traits, such as creativity, intellect, and your values.

Q&A: Penis size and age


Does penis size change naturally as you get older?


It’s normal for penis size to decrease with age. Men in their 60s to 70s may lose 0.4 to 0.6 inches in penis size. Also, an increase in body fat percentage could result in the manhood appearing to become smaller as a man ages. Maintaining a healthy weight will optimize the appearance of the penis size.

All content is strictly informational and shouldn’t be regarded as medical advice.


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