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COEDStore has a wide selection of sex positions books to keep you hot in the bedroom, no matter how experienced you may be sexual. Learn how to make your partner sexier by showing off your moves. You'll find that a small change can make a big difference, and you'll also be more open to trying new things. Although you may believe that you have attempted all popular sex positions, such as reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and up against the wall, even the most seasoned sex expert can't remember everything. The part of the day books, sex books that simplify the process so you can have an enjoyable and sexually stimulating time, is a great help. You will never feel bored with the hundreds of choices they offer. Get out of your bedroom routine, and try sex at a different location. Some positions can make his penis feel more extensive. Others may provide clitoral stimulation. These sex secrets will help you adapt them to your romantic relationships. Our books on sex have all the sexual knowledge you need. They even include diagrams to help you see precisely where each body part should be. The Kama Sutra 365 is a great sex book that offers a year's worth of sexual experimentation for you and your partner. You can either get it daily or take your time and find which time-honored position suits you best. These sex manuals offer sex advice for couples who are looking for it. While you may have to make adjustments, you will know that these manuals come with the approval of those who understand what men and women do in bed. We'll give you the best education possible, from Kamasutra books to other guides to the art and science of intimacy.COEDStore also has lesbian sex books for women who want to have sex with other women. You'll find all the information you need, whether you are curious about sex or want to know as much as possible about sex between women. Studying sexuality together can be more fun than in school. Grab a book, get in bed and start reading.

Kama Sutra Pocket Book

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Little Book of Butts

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Date Night Dice

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Healing Sex

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365 Sex Moves Book

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Position Sex Pocket Book

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For The Record Greeting Card w/Matchbook

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More Sex Greeting Card w/Matchbook

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I'd Hit That Greeting Card w/Matchbook

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Doobies Boobies Greeting Card w/Matchbook

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Weed Sex Lang Greeting Card w/Matchbook

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