Why buy a bullet vibrator when you can use it for other purposes? These little sex toys provide the same thrills as more significant vibrators but are much more discreet, making them ideal for traveling and solo fun. These vibrating bullets are small enough to be carried in your purse, wallet, or pocket so that you can take a stress relief pill any time of the day. A sleek, silver bullet vibrator will make you feel like a sexy babe. Bullet vibes are portable and can be used anywhere you want. These vibrators include a wide variety of exciting toys.

Screaming O Bestie Bullets - Purple

$ 57.69

Screaming O Bestie Bullets - Purple

$ 47.99

PowerBullet Frisky Finger-Pink 2.5"

$ 15.69

Screaming O ColorPoP Bullets Display of 20

$ 248.69

Primal Instinct Speed Bullet-Leopard

$ 20.69

Primal Instinct Speed Bullet Snake-Red

$ 20.69

Sensuelle Joie 15 Function Bullet-Blue

$ 46.69

Screaming O Vooom Bullets-Green Kiwi Mint

$ 12.69

Remote Silicone Bullet-Black

$ 41.69