Cock Rings

Our Cock Rings will delay your orgasm and keep you going all night. You will please your partner and yourself if you work harder. You'll surprise your partner when you add a vibrating cock ring. The best way to spice up your bedroom is with our Sex Toys or Penis Rings. A dick ring can make your orgasm extraordinary by stopping blood flow. They are one of the most famous men's sex toys. We want you to feel comfortable with your new accessory. Therefore, we offer different sizes and materials that can be tailored to your needs. You can also give your lady something special by wearing one with a clit flicker. This new men's sex tool will satisfy everyone. COEDStore has a wide selection of cock rings that will make your night memorable. These rings are part of our extensive range of exciting and affordable sexual toys.

Performance - Vs6 - Silicone Cock & Ball Strap - Black

$ 10.05

Stay Hard Donut Rings - 3 Pack

$ 4.62

360 2- Way Cockring + Ballsling - Steel

$ 22.00

Charged Skooch Ring - Black

$ 63.69

Pro Series Silicone Ring Set

$ 16.69

Colt Snug Tugger - Black

$ 14.69

Doubleo 6 - Each - Blue

$ 25.69

Premium Silicone Ring - Xl

$ 11.69

10-Function Vibrating Silicone Stud Lasso - Black

$ 38.69