A COEDStore's couples sex kit is the perfect way to fulfill your sexual fantasies and experiment with new things in the bedroom. These sex toys have everything you need to break free from your sexual rut. It's not surprising that everyone is interested in trying new sexual positions, bondage, and BDSM. We have compiled a list of the top sex toys for couples, including ones that encourage dominance and submission and others that are designed to allow you to have better oral sex.

There are so many things you can do to restrain your lover. A bondage sex kit can help you with this. It has all the fun toys you could want and everything you need. This kit makes it easy to surprise your partner with a naughty gift or to make them feel better about the idea of bondage. You'll find 11 sexy tools, including a ball gag and handcuffs, a love mask, sex toys such as nipple clamps and hot wax candles, and even a cat o' nine tails to enhance your bondage. This kit has everything you need for many fun and memorable evenings. These adult toys can be used to tease your lover or enjoyed throughout a long weekend. You will get to know each other better as you make your dreams come true.

Bondage is a topic that most couples have heard about at least once. Perhaps you watched Fifty Shades of Grey and wondered what it was like to be blindfolded or spanked while tied up. You can choose from various sex options to experience the thrill of submission or the power of dominance with our range of sex kits. A honeymoon bondage kit is a great way to ensure that your marriage is hot when you are just starting married.

Are you unsure where to start in your quest for your fantasies? Then you will find suitable sex toys for you. We have the fitting kit for you, no matter what type of night you want with your partner. Make sure your partner is ready for sex by packing a lube kit. This kit can be carried in your purse, bag, or car for quick lovemaking. COEDStore is a great place to start sex experiments and improve your sex life. These are just a few affordable sex toys for everyone's needs and interests.

Massage Indulgence Kit

$ 26.95$ 33.69

Good Head Fundamental Kit

$ 19.60$ 24.50

Blow Job Kit

$ 34.44$ 43.05

For You Harness Kit With 7 Inch Cock - Black

$ 31.99$ 39.99

Classix Ultimate Pleasure Couples Kit - Blue

$ 35.75$ 44.69

Treasure Trove - Strawberry Dreams

$ 34.15$ 42.69

Naturals Massage Oil Pre Pack

$ 151.49$ 189.36

Intense Clit Teaser Kit - Aqua

$ 19.76$ 24.70

Take Control Bag

$ 19.98$ 24.98

Just the 2 of Us Gift Bag

$ 15.98$ 19.98

Renegade Pleasure Plug 3pc Trainer Kit

$ 21.12$ 26.40