Butt Plugs

COEDStore has many adult toys, including anal plugs. All are designed to make your intimate lives as hot as possible. COEDStore offers everything you need for an extraordinary sexual experience, from extra-large to jeweled plugs. Anal plugs are a great addition to any sex toy collection. They can be used to have a more intimate time alone or with your partner. While most sex toys with a flared base can be used for anal play, we recommend buying a toy designed for use outside the sphincter. COEDStore has everything you need, whether you are ready to use anal plugs for the first time or want to upgrade to a larger model. Don't forget condoms or lube to pick up while you're there! 


Temptasia Spank Me Butt Plug-Black

$ 18.69

Triple Ripple Butt Plug - Medium Black

$ 19.69

Crystal Jellies Butt Plug - Small Clear

$ 20.69

My Cockring Butt Plug-Black

$ 21.69

Shots Ouch Edgy Butt Plug - Black

$ 21.69

Shots Ouch Bubble Butt Plug - Black

$ 21.69

Shots Ouch Curve Butt Plug - Black

$ 21.69

Shots Ouch Wave Butt Plug - Black

$ 21.69

Crystal Jellies Butt Plug - Medium Pink

$ 22.69