Penis Extension & Sleeves

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Ram Rod Vibrating Penis Extender - Black

$ 24.69

Jack Rabbit Dual Vibrating Extender - Clear

$ 36.69

Pleasure Enhancer - Black

$ 13.69

Sensation Enhancer - Clear

$ 13.69

Performance Plus - 11.5 Inch Silicone Cock Sheath Penis Extender - Vanilla

$ 35.10

Performance Plus - 10 Inch Silicone Cock Sheath Penis Extender - Vanilla

$ 30.70

Performance Plus - 9 Inch Silicone Cock Sheath Penis Extender - Vanilla

$ 29.20

Performance - 11.5 Inch Cock Sheath Penis Extender - Vanilla

$ 25.75

Performance - 10 Inch Cock Sheath Penis Extender - Vanilla

$ 23.25