Face/ Neck Bandana - Camouflage Print - One Size GE-253-OS

Face/ Neck Bandana - Camouflage Print - One Size

$ 2.69
    Face / Neck Bandana One Size. Cloth Face Covering. While the CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings to help slow the spread of Covid-19; this bandana does not prevent bacteria or viruses.

    COLOR RESISTANCE: Technology that allows greater color protection when exposed to sea water and chlorinated water.
    PERSPIRATION: Technology that protects the color of perspiration.
    REPELLENCE: This technology is achieved through an invisible film that covers the fabric to repel water-based liquids, acting as a skin shield. It stays through washings.
    RESISTANCE: Technology that uses the construction of textile to avoid the tearing and the rotation of the garment.
    SOLAR PROTECTION: Textile technology that prevents the passage of UV rays, acting as a protective shield for the skin.

    Protective tube scarf made with a Woven Fabric.
    Sublimated print.

    The attached face covering is made with a layer of fabric and interlining for better filter and protection.

    Protective gear for your head, hair, and face.
    Washable and reusable*

    This face mask can protect your face from UV rays under the hot sun. The curved design can better protect the ears, and the long scarf can better protect the neck. At the same time keep the nose and mouth clean, avoid breathing dust, breathable and comfortable fabric, fast drying, very soft and close to the skin. This mask can be worn to keep your face and neck comfortable during outdoor activities.

    Built in Anti-Fluid patch over nose and mouth for extra protection.
    Versatile piece that can be used in multiple ways.
    This is for personal use, do not share it.
    This is not a specialized medical device.

    Packaged in clear polybag.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester



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