Screaming O GO Vibe Ring (Bowl of 36)
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Screaming O GO Vibe Ring (Bowl of 36)

$ 365.69

    The GO Vibe Ring will fit tight and snug, which slows blood flow to the
    penis to help keep him maintain harder, stronger erections and even help
    prevent premature ejaculation. This stretchy erection ring helps him
    maintain harder erection and have more intense orgasms while its micro
    motor buzzes with enough speed to help orgasms come faster and easier.

    unique vertical 13,500-rpm mini motor can be positioned in two
    pleasurable ways: wear it on top to stimulate the clitoris and help her
    reach orgasm with every stroke, or turn it around and position it behind
    her testicles. Latex- and phthalate-free, wireless and waterproof.
    Disposable with 40-plus minutes of battery life. Bowl of 36 rings.



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