Screaming O 4B FingO Slim Kiwi

Screaming O 4B FingO Slim Kiwi

$ 21.82

    Put pleasure at your fingertips with the 4B FingO Slim, a sleek finger vibe powered by the new 4B Bullet! Featuring a unique 6-function deep rumbling motor, the 4B FingO Slim offers power, penetrating vibrations and turns your finger into your new favorite sex toy * and it's 100% waterproof, too! The 4B FingO Slim is a compact and portable mini vibe that makes it easy to incorporate powerful massage to almost any sex position without interruption or skipping a beat. Simply stretch the convenient loop around your finger to keep it securely in place during any intimate act that could use a vibration boost, even in the bath or shower!

    Screaming O 4B FingO Slim is manufactured using materials and processes that are both ethical and sustainable. Because in addition to promoting sexual health and wellbeing, Screaming O strongly believes in leaving this planet better off than we found it. For example, the 4B packaging is compostable, eco-friendly packaging made from a combination of recyclable Kraft paper and biodegradable & compostable PLA.

    Additionally, new 4LR44 batteries are being implemented for the bullets. Not only are these batteries more reliable and longer lasting for your pleasure, but they are also child-safe and require fewer units to power the products therefore adding less waste to the landfills.


    • 4B motor providing deep, rumbling vibrations

    • Adds stimulating vibration to almost any sex position

    • Made of 100% body-safe True Silicone¬Æ and ABS materials

    • 5 speeds plus 1 pulse pattern

    • 30+ minutes of battery life

    • New reliable and long-lasting 4LR44 battery

    • Waterproof