Sir Richard's Pro Performance Advanced C-Ring Clear

Sir Richard's Pro Performance Advanced C-Ring Clear

$ 21.99

    Ring 2.3 in. (5.8 cm) (Dia)
    1.6 in. (4 cm) (D)
    1.2 in. (3 cm) (?Inner Dia)

    Tightening Ring
    2 in. (5.2 cm) (Dia)
    0.6 in. (1.5 cm) (D)
    0.9 in. (2.2 cm) (?Inner Dia)

    Match Up C-Rings to Max Up Your Performance!
    Wear Together on Shaft - Wear single, double, or triple c-rings on the penis to increase erection strength and performance.
    Use Separately on Balls & Shaft - Wear single or double c-rings on the shaft for added partner pleasure. Wear a single ring around testicles as a ball stretcher, ball gripper, or to delay and strengthen climaxes.

    Firm Fit
    The advanced ring is made from an extra firm formula and will add an extra tight squeeze.

    Twin Tension Dual-Ring Design
    Extend Activities & Intensify Climaxes

    Powerful Pleasure
    Non-Pinching Comfort

    Erectile Dysfunction Aid
    Increases erection strength and performance